All The Housing Loan Options You Need

There are many things to love about Sydney - the Opera House, the stunning natural environment, the fresh air.And for Australians looking to buy a home, or investors planning to grow their property portfolio, the Harbour City offers many opportunities.Thousands of Australians buy property in Sydney every year. Although the mainstream banks continue to be the dominant source of funding, people are increasingly using brokers like Shop Your Own Mortgage to discover new lenders. You may find that the flexible credit policies and innovative housing loan products of the non-bank lenders, offer you more possibilities and borrowing power.

Types of Property Purchases We Fund

Shop Your Own Mortgage has a team of experienced, licensed housing loan brokers who specialise in finding the most suitable financing deals for you. We can help you find the right lender for the following purchases:

  1. First Home Purchase - We understand that this will be your first property, so we’ll work hard to make it a special experience for you.
  2. Buy Investment Property - Whether you’re buying your first investment property, you’re a seasoned investor, or you’re a ‘rent-vestor’, we’ve got you covered. Our team has access to hundreds of investor loan products, and they can educate you on the complexities of ‘negative gearing’, rental yield, capital growth and more.
  3. Next Home Purchase - Got an existing home in Sydney but it’s time to upgrade? Whether your growing family demands a bigger space, or it’s just time for change, we can assist with finance to fund your next dream home.
  4. Second Home or Holiday House - Buying a holiday home is one of the great Australian dreams. But here’s the catch: banks and non-bank lenders have wildly different policies on what they will fund.Our loan broker specialists can help you navigate this policy maze, to help find you the lender who will fund your holiday home.

How Shop Your Own Mortgage Helps You

Arranging finance to buy a property is a major financial decision that you should consider carefully. You may seek loan approval directly with one lender of course, but why risk it? A ‘declined’ decision by your own bank could impact your ability to get credit elsewhere. Shop Your Own Mortgage offers a better way. Our brokers will ‘pre-assess’ your application to determine which of our twenty-three lenders offers you the best chance for a successful housing loan approval. Here’s how our professional Mortgage Brokers can help you:

  • Analyse your financial situation
  • Recommend the most suitable financing strategy
  • Navigate the complexity of the lending market
  • Identify the best housing loan deals
  • Get access to discounted & promotional offers
  • Complete and submit your application
  • Liaise with the lender to secure your approval

Housing loan specialists at Shop Your Own Mortgage are experienced in complex mortgage loan applications for even the most challenging borrowers. Put us to the test!